Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yonatan Frimer's Latest Maze Book

In the arena of mazes and books on mazes, there is a new contender on the field. Yonatan Frimer, a maze artist who has drawn several hundred masterpieces of mazes and other color drawings in a beautiful and dynamic way that captivated the imagination and draws upon various disciplines in order to encapsulate the audience in a symphony of alleys, loops, false runways and other fun maze apperatai. We implore you to also take the journey and try the book for your self. it is called Mazes to amaze and you can get it at this link. http://www.tarquingroup.com/product.php?SKU_Code=1977

susan boyle mazes - maze illustration of susan boyle singing i dreamed a dream on britians got talent

nasa mazes, man on the moon maze, buzz alldrian, moon shot, moonfever
A drawing of a man on the moon, by Yonatan Frimer

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lions In South Africa

I went to the lion park in South Africa, and was able to enter the lions cage and pet the cubs.
Here we see a tiny little cub just a few months old. They are raised by humans from birth and are acclimated to being pet and scratched under the ears by humans. There is a distinct danger of petting them along the neck as that is how they fight with each other for hierarchy within the pride. If you pet one along the neck, he might bite you in an attempt to retain his position within the pride.
If you find yourself going to South Africa, check out the various animal parks that allow you to play with the cubs of lions, tigers and cheetahs. They cubs are NOT sedated and are simply extremely well trained little furry fellas.